Materials List for Cristina Córdova's Demonstration

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Cristina Córdova Demonstration Material List

Are there books you would suggest students read before taking this online demonstration?

Anatomy for Sculptors by Uldis Zarins

Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie Winslow

Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton

What is the range of techniques you intend to cover?

In this lesson we will construct a small head with the support of a simple template and attach it to a torso. We will address the general structure of the head and features, go over joinery and offer a pattern to develop an abstracted neck and torso to receive the head.

Is there any additional information that could be useful to students before enrolling?

In addition to the mentioned books, students can familiarize themselves with my work at to ask additional questions pertaining to my approach to building and surface. 

Below is a list of what students will need for the demonstration:

1 bag of Max’s (White Paperclay Stoneware) from Axner (but any decent sculpture body will work with this technique)

Scoring Tool

Small Rake, a serrated loop tool with flat edges. I have a large and a medium loop on a “C” handle.

Glyptic Tools

Serrated Rib

Assortment of Stainless Loop and Modeling Tools

Double Ribbon Set | Wire Sculpting Tools for Clay - Xiem Studio Tools - Clay Center

An Assortment of Brushes, stiffer for sculpting and softer for cleaning and smoothing the surface.

The stiffer ones I favor are inexpensive Plaid Craft brushes. 

The softer brushes are goat hair mop brushes, also my favorites for glazing and applying slip. brush-sets-lettering-and-detail-set/30775/ item.htm

Mud Tools Small Polymer Rib in Red and Yellow

Wire Tool


Wood Round / Point Head Tool

Item #: WS 12-3

Standard X-acto Knife


Clear Tape

Small Terry Cloth 

Rolling Pin or Slab Roller to make a slab

Printer (to print templates, multiple pages)

Sprayer/ Mister

Plastic Bags to cover work

Clay Knife

A turn-table or sculpture stand, optional.

You could also utilize a board to protect the bottom edge of the sculpture as you turn it to attach and articulate forms.

Approx. 2 cups of slip made from the same clay body in a lidded container

Feel free to use anything comparable from your own tool bag! 

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