Materials List for David H. Clemons Demonstration

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Are there books you would suggest students read before taking this online demonstration?

There are no recommended books.


What is the range of techniques you intend to cover?

piercing, texturing techniques, grinding, soldering, welding, basic forming, hydraulic press compression forming, tap and die


Is there any additional information that could be useful to students trying these processes in their own studio?

Pewter is a contaminant in silver soldering and annealing processes for nonferrous metals. Prepare a specific area within your studio to execute pewter projects. You can use many of your general metalsmithing tools to work with pewter with the exception of fine files. Ideally, it is best to use tools dedicated to pewter work. Any tools or areas in your studio that may cross over into your general metalsmithing practice should be thoroughly cleaned after the completion of your pewter work. Pewter is a metal with some unique properties lending an immediacy and fun to working with the metal. I look forward to working with you in this introduction to the material.

What should students have for the demonstrated project?

I would recommend having a work apron and the usual safety items normally utilized for metalworking, eye protection, hearing protection, etc.

A hydraulic press is ideal for the compression forming technique demonstrated here, as it offers the most control. If students do not have a press they can use a large vise lined with blocks on either side of the shaker. They would then tighten the vise to create compression. They may have to alter the height of their shaker to allow for the maximum spread of their vise jaws. With this option they would need to perform a repeated method pressing and rotating the form in the jaws.  

If students do not have access to an anvil or stake that can be used to bouge a fabricated cylinder, I would suggest procuring a large dowel or piece of pipe at least 1 " and up to 2”in diameter that could be held by a vice. PVC pipe is good as it is easiest to cut and drill if necessary. Metal pipe will work but is more difficult to cut or purchase smaller lengths.

Below is a resource list for materials, tools, and equipment used in the demonstration:

14 Gauge Sheet, 6”x 12”, 2 pieces


Item No. 235-062

Extra Low Temp Solder, 1 spool

Stellar Technical

Item No. 97-125-20

Harris Stay Clean Flux, 1 bottle             

Rio Grande

Item No. 503032

Flex Shaft or Multipurpose Tool for drilling, texturing, & buffing

Rio Grande

Item No. 117534

8” Half Round Bastard File (or comparable)                              


Item No. 24N367         

Friedrich Dick Flat No. 2 Cut File 

Rio Grande

Item No. 114700

Friedrich Dick ½ Round No. 2 Cut File                

Rio Grande

Item No. 114708

Needle File Set 0 Cut            

Rio Grande

Item No. 114258

6” ½ Round Carbide File, (optional)      


Item No. 81725A19

No. 2 Herkules Saw Blades, 1 gross

Rio Grande

Item No. 110046GR

Utility Tweezers

Rio Grande

Item No. 115057

Wire Cutters

Rio Grande

Item No. 111825

Metal or Aviation Shears                      

Rio Grande

Item No. 111429

Rawhide Mallets 9 oz

Rio Grande

Item No. 112218

Forging Hammer

Rio Grande

Item No. 112530

Planishing Hammer                  

Rio Grande

Item No. 112402

Solderite Pad 12" x 12" x 1/2"

Rio Grande

Item No. 502052

Blowhorn Stake or 2” Wooden Dowel or Pipe

Hardware Store

8mm Ball Bur

Rio Grande

Item No. 345530

Egg Bur


Item No. 332-951E

No. 49 Drill Bit


Item No. 29045A774

No. 7 or 13/64” Drill Bit


Item No. 29045A727

¼” - 20 Tap


Item No. 2636A27

¼” - 20 Die


Item No. 2576A451

¼”-20 Nylon screw

Hardware store

Dap Set

Rio Grande

Item No. 112152

Smith Mini Torch

Rio Grande

Item No. 500029

Mini torch Tip No.3

Rio Grande

Item No. 500080

Smith Air Acetylene Torch

Rio Grande

Item No. 500105

Smith No. 0 Torch Tip               

Rio Grande

Item No. 500156

Smith No. 00 Torch Tip             

Rio Grande

Item No. 500155

Annealing pan 7” with Pumice              

Rio Grande

Item No. 502046

Cotter Pins 5/32” diameter x 1.5” long, 1 box   


Item No. 90520A112

Binding Wire Low-Carbon Steel .048”, 1 Spool              


Item No. 8870K12

0000 Steel Wool

Grocery or Hardware Store

Baking Soda, 1 small box

Grocery Store

Assorted Wet/Dry Sand Paper (120-400), at least 2 each

Hardware Store

Hermes Assorted Sanding Pads

Rio Grande

Item No. 337398

Leather Working Gloves (no fabric at fingers)

Hardware Store

Jax Pewter Black, 1 bottle         

Rio Grande

Item No. 335295

Simichrome Polish, 1.75 oz. tube 

Rio Grande

Item No. 331126

Sunshine Cloth

Rio Grande

Item No. 337030

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